Tuesday, March 24, 2009

EY 08-09

So, I'm back yet again and coincidentally back with the coinage of new terms (for starters, read my post 'YAM').  Well, in other circumstances I would have loved to write on any of the two ongoing hot topics: the unexpected political drama woven around the IPL and the expected political drama woven around the IPL.  Here, IPL stands for Indian Premiere League and Indian Political League respectively. However, I'm sparing these topics for our politicians and cricket-politicians (who are already giving Advanis & Gandhis run for their money) though would definitely like to come back to them some other fine day.

Anyways, coming back to EY; let me not build the reality show-alike suspense around the full form of this term. So, ladies and gentleman, EY stands for 'Entertainment Year'. Just as we've FY (Financial Year) or AY (Academic Year) so do we have an EY! Well, this year surprisingly begins on 29th March which is coincidentally my birthday as well, and ends on 28th March. There have been two big reasons behind coming up with this post today. Firstly because by this mean, I might get an extra birthday wish this Sunday from some unexpected person who mayn't like me but may like my blog and thereby would drop in a wish through calling up/orkut/facebook/gtalk/sms/email/in-person or by any other mean. This way, I could be able to break my 2008 record of 89 wishes. On the record, this number represents only those people who have just wished me and not kicked me along with it. I celebrate 'March' as the salvation-month-for-birthday-bumps and don't kick anyone. This helps me in reducing the level of pain a bit after all my experience says that recently enraged people often hit very badly, ouch!

Moreover the second reason behind the timing of this post is that we are running in the last week of EY 08-09 and it's an old good habit of human beings to recall the happenings of the previous year and ponder over them. Most of the times, these recalls can be horrible like in the case of examination results or the financial results. Both results share a peculiarity- whenever we face a bad exam result or a bad financial result, we always act surprise, awestruck and blame the circumstances or the God or many other factors for it; though we know from inside, these results reflect nothing but our yearlong performance. I can't get more into this: one, because the current students might complain that I've passed out so have lost the right to comment on examinations in general and results in particular; and two, because one of my boss is CFO of the company and he won't like me to talk about the connection between performance and financial results for obvious reasons.

Therefore, I've planned to write a string of posts on the happenings of EY 08-09 in near future. Well, I won't disclose the exact number of posts and the reason is pretty obvious; this number heavily depends on the probability of 'procrastination' and 'enthusiasm' in the coming days. So, let' pray that enthusiasm prevails over procrastination or even vice-versa. I won't mind as long as you are praying something for me; look good/bad are pretty subjective so it's alright with me.


P.S. – I don't know why my posts have to conclude with some global or philosophical or baqar statement. Please spare me for this.

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Quaintzy Patchez said...

Oh! All philo/global/baqar forgiven ;)

Waiting for the EY's results...