Thursday, March 26, 2009

EY 08-09 – Sports & Movies

Well, the year begins on a high note with most of the news channel being confused whether to put IPL in Sports section or in Entertainment section. I didn't want to go into that debate so named my blog-post on both of them. So, IPL was definitely a very big thing to happen for both Sports and Entertainment in this country. How for sports- Ask Swapnil Asnodkar(s) or Shawn Marsh(es) of this world how much they gained in both economic sense with this ultimate money-spinner and in professional sense with this unprecedented platform to showcase their talent. How for entertainment- Ask the cinema owners countrywide who suffered with an under-booked matinee shows or the TV channel owners (apart from Set Max of course) who suffered their worst TRPs in almost a decade. The biggest beneficiaries (not in economic sense) were definitely the people like me who had nothing better to do (in fact, there is nothing better to do, even now).

By June 1st, this extravaganza was over and so was my can-be-called honeymoon period; and had to move to Mumbai on 8th of the same month in search of daana-paani. This shift made me suffer on sports front as I had to download-and-watch the recorded Grand-Prix or Cricket Match or Wimbledon final or similar things. This is due to the lack of television, which is again a big story and can be covered in some other post. So, overall sports couldn't contribute much to the entertainment part except for the news/blogs at sites like cricinfo, espnstar, etc. However, the movie spree didn't suffer in fact new horizons were opened in front of me to watch even those movies (I didn't want to use any kind of abuses) which don't get released in Jodhpur.

In EY 08-09, I watched Sarkar Raj (Decent movie however my friend didn't understand why they kept on singing "govinda, govinda" in the background when Govinda didn't even have a guest appearance), Jannat (Sonal Chauhan, will you marry me), Race (Watched with a big group of friends, and thus missed out on many moments of the picture due to being busy in the baqar all the time…overall, the time spent was worth it), Singh is King (This movie happened because my train was running late and well, I don't regret it), Bachna Ae Haseeno (Kaash meri life esi hoti), Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (No Aditi across the globe can be more thankful to any other single movie; and yeah, overall an entertaining watch though not a compelling one), Rock On (Prachi Desai, will you marry me), Kidnap (Offoh, what was that; I've never seen this before that people started chatting in the cinema hall because the movie bugged them big-time and neither could they simply run away because it was raining outside; Lord Indra and Sanjay Gadhvi literally 'kidnapped' us), Dark Knight (Wow, and I thought Batman movies were boring), Dostana (watched with two guys, should I say any more), Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Anushka Sharma, will you marry me), Ghajini (Huh, splendid success but didn't impress me), Chandni Chowk to China (He he, critics have already slammed this movie beyond recognition so let me not make my hands dirty), Luck By Chance (Casting coup of the decade; found it watchable), Billu (Don't know what to say- didn't find it interesting, but neither was I bored), Delhi 6 (Sonam Kapoor, will you marry me), A Curious Case of Benjamin Button (This was really an out-of-the-box stuff), Street Kings (I wonder why was no dialogue in this movie free of the 'f' word; watchable on lappy, nothing more), Gulaal (Simply Superb; haven't seen anything like this before, barring Haasil).

This list was strictly about the movies I watched in cinema hall. Besides, I watched a lot many films on laptop (out of which I regret the most about not watching "A Wednesday" in theatres) and that summed up the movies part of EY 08-09. As you can see, I had a lot of fun despite being the non-availability of television for most of the time; and managed to propose as many as four girls (though, without any success) in the meantime. So, overall it was a comparable performance to EY 2007-08 in Sports & Movies section, if not better.

P.S. – Nav Varsh (Nav Sanvatsar), Gudi Padwa aur Chetichand ki sabko hardik shubhkamnayen; enjoy!!!


Nishant said...

Itni heroines ko propse karega to koi na milegi... Focus... young man...focus

Peyush said...

He he
focus ke maamle me tumse ek-adh tip leni hi padegi :)