Friday, January 16, 2009


My first rendezvous with blogs happened during my engineering when the technical blogs proved very handy while preparing for seminar presentation and similar activities. Writing the blogs was though not on my mind that time, despite my profound interest in 'writing'. It was only during my summer internship between the two years of MBA that the idea of blogging struck my grey cells which germinated into my first blog (with the same profile I'm using right now).

That blog didn't last too longer and my routine problem of too-lazy-to-blog came into the picture. I tried revisiting but couldn't succeed. However, I tasted a little success in maintaining routine with this blog; and this time, it was less of a choice and more of a boredom which drove me across. There have been many pitfalls this time too, but more or less I've recovered back. The best thing this time has been my continuously reading blogs; I didn't take a break in that because I started loving this habit more than ever before. And this was the biggest driver in putting me back on track.

Experts have a lot of say, but for a common man like me blogging is a sort-of social interaction. I would say it's very similar to good old idea of people from different backgrounds coming together to discuss similar interests. Orkut and Gtalk beng the other two mediums widely used by me for this purpose. So, overall kudos google! :D

In the business networking context, thought sharing over social media is very similar to offline conferences organized for a specific target market. At the conference, people would meet unknown people, strike a conversation, exchange business cards and later on plan to capitalize on the contacts made during the conference for either business deal, or knowledge sharing sessions, or mentoring purpose and many more reasons. The human psyche hasn't changed; only, the means have evolved. These networking events now happen on the web. "Social media" works in the same manner. People choose to go to specific websites/forums/blogs/networking sites as they would go to conferences, Browse through user profiles, strike up conversations with other users and at the end of the day exchange contact details. And later on capitalize and the story continues.

I hope this story would continue, in my case at least!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hanging between 11th, 13th and 14th

So, today was yet another Monday. Yesterday was however an eventful day in the sense that few more things took place in addition to the routine Sunday activities like all-day chatting, mallgiri, and movie sessions on laptop. Unfortunately, I couldn't sleep in the afternoon yesterday thereby making me wait for another seven long days to have an afternoon nap.

Yeah, so I was talking about events; the first was – waking up early on a Sunday morning - a rarity since last two and a half years. I've not waked up without any reason since ages and yesterday was not an option. The incentive this time was paying a visit to holy places of Mumbai namely Mahalaxmi Temple and Piya Haji Ali. Then, I had to rush to bandra terminus railway station to collect a bag of goodies from the train. Sorry to make those people jealous who are outside their homes; the bag contained laddu of three kinds (makar sankranti effect), gajak, til papdi and four more home-made items. Thanks to my father working in Railways, I could manage to get it delivered safely to my place in mere 16 hours. Railways Rock!

However, the second half of Sunday was typical Sunday stuff; something which has become part of my life, rather our lives (including my flat mates without their permission). The eventful Sunday ended for me with a horrific thought of forthcoming week. Don't get misguided, I'm not speaking about my office (it is more boring than horrific); but I'm speaking about the proceedings back at our residential place. The whole society faced few problems on account of shared electricity bill of water pump/motor at the very beginning of this year. That problem has yet not been solved and the water supply to our flats would be stopped from 13th (this number is definitely unlucky) of this month i.e. from tomorrow. If the problem persists, then we would have to carry water to 15th floor for every day-to-day work. Now, you can very well imagine why I used the term "horrific".

Well, I would say that it's the law of averages coming in picture- I've to pay the price for eating ghar-ke-bane-laddoo by pulling off buckets on sankranti. Fine then, aaj ki sabha yahin samapt hoti hai, dhanyawad. Enjoy 14th jan with flying kites, til ke laddo, and khichdi. Wish you all a happy Uttarayan in advance!


P.S. – This post was published on 12th, however due to some issues; it has appeared with a delay of one day. Kindly read it in that context. J

Friday, January 9, 2009


Hi folks, wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. I’ve been quiet for quite a while, and this time with apparently no reason. Neither was there any dearth of topics nor was I occupied very much with my work. If I’ve to put it in Deewar way then I had time, I had both relevant and irrelevant topics, I had the registered blog, I wanted to post something; in nutshell I had almost everything. Now, “almost” is a very dicey word and I can vouch for this fact from my past experiences? Anyways, it was actually the presence (an unwanted one) of one more thing which interrupted my blogging life and that was “laziness”. But finally I’m back yet again and hope to stay long. Though, I would not like to promise anything about handling laziness as it is really very difficult. That is one of the reason I’ve not put it into my very doable this years’ resolutions list.

Oh yes! New Year resolutions; well I tried making a few this year. Experts (look there are experts even in this area) say that either you make only one resolution or you should try and prioritize in case of more than one. However, I didn’t find either of their ideas attractive and thus made more than one resolution and those also without any priority. I would be sharing them one by one but not until I would start doing something about them. Right now, I’ve two to share with everyone because I’ve started working on them and a sense of achievement has started blossoming for me. Now there is a difference between success and achievement. What I believe is that achievement is the knowledge that you have studied and worked hard and done the best that is in you. While, success, as I put, is one’s achievement being recognized by others on the basis of fruits/output/results. Undoubtedly, success's nice, too but not as important or as satisfying as the sense of achievement. So I always aim for achievement and some times find success accompanying it.

Anyways, coming back to the point; my first resolution was to keep track of my expenses- now this had nothing to do with cutting my expenses rather just keeping a track of everything. There is no big reason behind this resolution as my expenditure was never beyond the limit {of course, what a girlfriend-less guy with neither drinking (not even tea) nor smoking habit can spend on}. And it is neither like that I was thinking about ongoing downsizing and planning accordingly. Actually, I used to keep track of my expenses since school time and I was a living example of one of my professor’s statement- “There are people who would keep track of everything and can tell you the total expenses incurred during their two year stay at IIM”. But things changed once I entered into corporate life and since last 6 months, I didn’t bother even remembering any of my expenses. This time, with this resolution, my aim is to compare and conclude if which kind-of life is better suited to me.

After my first not-so-interesting resolution; here is the second one. I’ve decided to preserve the happy moments again, and this time with the help of Mr. Gates. It may sound very weird but I’ve started storing photos along with tags or my own comments regarding the day/event, also recording the day in Word and interestingly Excel is proving handy too, in this direction. Earlier, I used to maintain a diary and scribble everyday happenings. That habit lost sometime, I don’t remember when, but now I want to resume my journey. This year would mark a fresh beginning for me in that sense.

Sometimes we forget all small good things happen to us while we busy in running behind a big dream. But big dreams are like rainbow which gives you illusive view of happiness where all small good things are like rain which makes you feel happy and content instantly. I don't know how many of you will agree with my analogy but we all do same mistake again and again. How many of you can list out ‘every’ small good thing happen to you in your life so far. I think very few and now I want to be the part of “those very few” again.