Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hanging between 11th, 13th and 14th

So, today was yet another Monday. Yesterday was however an eventful day in the sense that few more things took place in addition to the routine Sunday activities like all-day chatting, mallgiri, and movie sessions on laptop. Unfortunately, I couldn't sleep in the afternoon yesterday thereby making me wait for another seven long days to have an afternoon nap.

Yeah, so I was talking about events; the first was – waking up early on a Sunday morning - a rarity since last two and a half years. I've not waked up without any reason since ages and yesterday was not an option. The incentive this time was paying a visit to holy places of Mumbai namely Mahalaxmi Temple and Piya Haji Ali. Then, I had to rush to bandra terminus railway station to collect a bag of goodies from the train. Sorry to make those people jealous who are outside their homes; the bag contained laddu of three kinds (makar sankranti effect), gajak, til papdi and four more home-made items. Thanks to my father working in Railways, I could manage to get it delivered safely to my place in mere 16 hours. Railways Rock!

However, the second half of Sunday was typical Sunday stuff; something which has become part of my life, rather our lives (including my flat mates without their permission). The eventful Sunday ended for me with a horrific thought of forthcoming week. Don't get misguided, I'm not speaking about my office (it is more boring than horrific); but I'm speaking about the proceedings back at our residential place. The whole society faced few problems on account of shared electricity bill of water pump/motor at the very beginning of this year. That problem has yet not been solved and the water supply to our flats would be stopped from 13th (this number is definitely unlucky) of this month i.e. from tomorrow. If the problem persists, then we would have to carry water to 15th floor for every day-to-day work. Now, you can very well imagine why I used the term "horrific".

Well, I would say that it's the law of averages coming in picture- I've to pay the price for eating ghar-ke-bane-laddoo by pulling off buckets on sankranti. Fine then, aaj ki sabha yahin samapt hoti hai, dhanyawad. Enjoy 14th jan with flying kites, til ke laddo, and khichdi. Wish you all a happy Uttarayan in advance!


P.S. – This post was published on 12th, however due to some issues; it has appeared with a delay of one day. Kindly read it in that context. J

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