Friday, January 16, 2009


My first rendezvous with blogs happened during my engineering when the technical blogs proved very handy while preparing for seminar presentation and similar activities. Writing the blogs was though not on my mind that time, despite my profound interest in 'writing'. It was only during my summer internship between the two years of MBA that the idea of blogging struck my grey cells which germinated into my first blog (with the same profile I'm using right now).

That blog didn't last too longer and my routine problem of too-lazy-to-blog came into the picture. I tried revisiting but couldn't succeed. However, I tasted a little success in maintaining routine with this blog; and this time, it was less of a choice and more of a boredom which drove me across. There have been many pitfalls this time too, but more or less I've recovered back. The best thing this time has been my continuously reading blogs; I didn't take a break in that because I started loving this habit more than ever before. And this was the biggest driver in putting me back on track.

Experts have a lot of say, but for a common man like me blogging is a sort-of social interaction. I would say it's very similar to good old idea of people from different backgrounds coming together to discuss similar interests. Orkut and Gtalk beng the other two mediums widely used by me for this purpose. So, overall kudos google! :D

In the business networking context, thought sharing over social media is very similar to offline conferences organized for a specific target market. At the conference, people would meet unknown people, strike a conversation, exchange business cards and later on plan to capitalize on the contacts made during the conference for either business deal, or knowledge sharing sessions, or mentoring purpose and many more reasons. The human psyche hasn't changed; only, the means have evolved. These networking events now happen on the web. "Social media" works in the same manner. People choose to go to specific websites/forums/blogs/networking sites as they would go to conferences, Browse through user profiles, strike up conversations with other users and at the end of the day exchange contact details. And later on capitalize and the story continues.

I hope this story would continue, in my case at least!


PD said...

मगर अंततः पियुष जी का चिट्ठाजगत में अवतरण हो ही गया.. इतना ही काफी है.. :D

Power of Words said...

very nice blog:) i was attracted by the name first

Peyush said...

@PD bhai - haan finally avtaran to ho gaya

@Archana/Power or Words - thanks a lot for your appreciation