Thursday, September 18, 2008


With women I refer to the whole female category which in turn includes all of them who consider themselves girls, ladies, women, or anything but men. They have actually acquired even the 'boy' tag and use it for themselves as 'tom boy'. So, you may decide to call the devil by any name, I would continue using the term 'women'.

Carrying forward this concept of nomenclature, I stumbled across two more terms: Fairer sex (commonly used by those popular guys upon whom girls fall like the all-out infected mosquitoes, and for obvious reasons one of which is the usage of this term) and Weaker sex (primarily used by organizations like Mahila Mukti Morcha or the political parties or the people who have lost their senses in recent past). I never understood as why these terms are been used to devise women.

Regarding the fair thing- well they might be fairer in color but in all of the other contexts, you would find them standing at the opposite end of the fairness spectrum. Moreover, even if a fraternity, after being painfully verbose, common sensically non sensical, with logic as a distant dream and with understanding of word cricket as a game of aliens, has such a decision power in its hands that makes a male wonder if he is going to die virgin, it cannot be weaker sex at least. Just cannot be. So, I seriously doubt on both of these things too.

Anyways, for those who have begun cursing me for what I've written till now; should begin cursing the movie from which I got an inspiration to write. The best thing about movie is not the plot, not even those few good acting performances, not even the fashion statement and not even Anne Hathaway. The best thing was its title which resonates with the common philosophy amongst misogynists (I hate these kind-of people) – The Devil Wears Prada. Actually, this title attracted me a lot and I was not disappointed either, because of some wonderful performances. One more thing (actually the best thing) which I liked about the movie was the ability of a woman to take her own decisions. And these decisions don't pertain to just career decisions by the leading ladies but also really "big" decision by the main character to step aside from something which she didn't want to do and to let go.

I strongly believe in this philosophy of letting go when you begin feeling that few things are not meant to be your priorities. I think that we do not earn-and-then-spend our money on a lot of material possessions - we rather spend money to create memories for the people we love. Those are the only things one can take away. When health is gone or someone dies… or it's a hard year at school, the memories are still there…to open the windows of a child's mind…to make him or her laugh and feel warm and strong inside where it counts. And this is something which I could find more in a woman than in a man. They have thus, indirectly (or sometimes, even directly) acted as an inspiration in evolving me from an anxious and a career-oriented (rather career-blinded) individual to a more optimistic, and a more caring person. For being my silent inspiration, I respect the women, I adore them, and love them, but yeah, I don't stop being afraid of them.

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Quaintzy Patchez said...

ahem... i remember only the last part now ;) nine on ten!

wouldn't comment on the first half... its like, these arguements don't stop, while there are award winning women car drivers there are also award winning _men_ chefs!