Friday, September 5, 2008

Teacher’s Day

Teacher's day during my school-time, used to be a whole lot of fun as we used to put up small skits and other programs to entertain our teachers. I remember we used to take time off from our classes around two weeks before teachers day to practice for the program that was to be held on the main day. Some of us would put up a dance show, while others sang group or solo numbers.

On the final arrival of teachers' day, the atmosphere in the school campus was one of cheerfulness and lots of activity as everybody got ready for the days events. The best part for students of senior class was to enact his/her favorite teacher and take three or four lectures on this day. Apart from this, teachers would come in their beautiful sarees or suits and used to interact informally with the students. There were a lot of games to follow; in which we used to distribute some gifts to both the winners and the non-winners (how can we address our teachers as losers). With the approaching of teacher's day, I remember with much fondness the good old days in school. This year, I decide to celebrate the teacher's day with only paying my gratitude to whole teaching fraternity but also scribbling something, on them here.

After the loving lap of a mother, and safe surroundings of a family, the child goes to his/her second learning world called School. At this vulnerable age when the child is at threshold of a New World, what affects him most is his teacher. After mother, teacher is the most important part of a child's growth, his vision, his dreams and his future. The task of a teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners:  it is in making winners out of ordinary people. If we try to take an in-depth peek in some famous people's life we can see that they were motivated, encouraged and made to dream impossible by their teachers only. After reading Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam's autobiography, Wings of Fire, I was moved to see the influence of his teachers in his life from the early stages of his education. And today he is the dream man for India, who not only successfully ran his tenure but also gave vision to many and made them dream that nothing is impossible.

It is evident that a teacher plays very essential role, more than anyone does in a student's life. A good teacher takes students with him to the regions, which are shut and he is the one who opens them and let them explore on their own and stays with them as a guide. He needs to have a command that stays with a student and fills them with a fear, which is due to respect and not out of stick which he carries. Making a successful man out of every child may be a tough task, but making him humane enough is more challenging. Only a good citizen can serve his family, society and his country. Only a good human can cultivate another better human.

Well, there might be some views that teachers are getting more money-oriented and less caring for their students. I can't buy their views because all the teachers I had in my life were nothing less than great. They weren't mere a transmitter of bookish knowledge rather they were the creator of those conditions which helped me find my own way, allowing me to flower as an unique, integrated and some-what complete individual. My teachers form a part of not only my past but also of my present & future just because they are, in one way or another, a part of my personality.

Lastly, I could never be less thankful to my teachers for inculcating those virtues which transformed me from a living being to a 'human being'. I hope I'll not let you down, dear sirs and ma'ams – a very happy teacher's day to you all. J

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Quaintzy Patchez said...

You became a l'il senti towards the end.. ;)

But well written! Although not all the teachers I met were my definition of "ideal" I'd still say there were things I learned from them, even the worst ones (e.g. how NOT to be like them :P)

Keep Posting! Its great to see you all enthu about blogging now ;)