Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday Night – Unbelievable!!!

People might have the first impression that I am going to scribble something about the night parties at discotheques of mumbai, or at least about some farmhouse party on the weekend. Alas, all of those who thought on these lines have to get disappointed. For me, as it was Saturday yesterday, so I had the enough leeway to watch 2 movies and 1st episode of Smallville Season-8 back-to-back. Coincidentally, both of the movies (despite not being connected to each other even remotely, in terms of cast, language, genre, plot or music) were unbelievable enough to propel me to scribble on them, here.

First movie was "Hancock". It was unbelievable because of the inclusion of things like "God", "Angels" in altogether a new light. It was unbelievable not only because of the stunts but also because of the extent of powers of both super-heroes (yes, for those who have not watched it, it may act as a spoiler) and yeah, it is unbelievable because the concept of Achilles heel and Kryptonite has been revolutionized by the old hindi proverb, "Ek myan me do talwaarein nahi reh sakti".

Second movie was though unbelievable in some other sense. It is unbelievable that how can somebody make such a disaster; its title was "Banaras- A mystic love story" but "Maine baba ko dekha hai" could have been more relevant title. I committed a grave mistake of downloading the movie; however the bigger mistake was that I started watching it. And then the biggest of blunders was to even complete the movie despite forwarding some frames (the whole movie finished in same time as Hancock did, i.e. in 93 minutes) but still I consider it to be blunder. Anyways, about the film- I won't go into the details, it is not worth it anyway, but yeah would like to discuss the hero who is basically an orphan who eventually grows up on the Ghats of Banaras and somehow manages to pick up the knowledge of music in depth. Oh yeah, he has a six pack too. I always wonder how come most of the bollywood heroes are born and brought up on streets and yet manage to have six pack iron pumped bodies. Also, no matter what, all have them manage to hold on to a girl. Sadly, I still belong to the under privileged strata of the society in this regard.

Anyways, I also watched the Season 8 Premiere show of Smallville, which definitely lived up to my expectations and made my comics-lover heart go for a refreshing ride. Amazingly and surprisingly this series, based on a super-hero (possibly, the first popular super hero), is far more believable than the movies which I watched before. It seems like this is getting better-than-ever-before and thus, it is the only series which have compelled me to watch as many as seven seasons (24 being the close second with five seasons). So this was technically not-so-unbelievable Saturday night and yeah, as they say, "All's well that ends well"

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