Monday, February 23, 2009

Congratulations and Celebrations


I did not want to start this post with the clichéd statement of "I'm back yet again" (in the blogsphere, this must have been associated to me big time, by now). So, I chose more relevant word to begin with. Well, this congratulation is in the context of Oscars. Well, I am amongst those people who "don't" consider Slumdog Millionaire as an Indian film (quite unlike our media); we may call it a global film to be on safe side but definitely not an Indian film. And hence I'm rather happier for our A.R. Rehman (ARR) and Resul Pookutty than for Slumdog Millionaire or Smile Pinki.

It is true that somebody like ARR doesn't need an Oscar Award as a certification for being the great; however this recognition definitely matters on the global front. Despite all those allegations regarding various biases, there are no two opinions on the fact that Academy Awards provide the most celebrated and most recognized stage to stakeholders of entertainment industry. Though these awards are mostly confined to Hollywood, apart from a very few categories, still they have a big impact. This is for obvious reasons- Hollywood is the biggest film industry amongst them all. Hence, these awards would definitely boast the prospects of ARR worldwide.

However one thing which has fascinated me the most, during the course of this series of events, was another proof for the saying - 'Life is strange'. Actually, I tried asking my gtalk contacts yesterday (thanks to all those replied and sorry to whom I couldn't ask) as what has been their ARR's favorite song as of now. I know that it was a very small sample size but still I think that it would reflect a general Indian public trend. Roja was the hands-down winner and other responses ranged from Taal to Kannathil Mutthamittal to Dil Se to Jodha Akbar to Boys to Lagaan to Bombay to Rang De Basanti to Delhi 6; but interestingly and not-so-surprisingly, there was not even a single person speaking about 'Jai Ho' or Slumdog Millionaire. Most of us believe that the soundtrack and music was really good in this picture, but would not possibly feature even in all time top 5 of ARR. However, in context of achievements/popularity/recognition, this one proved to be The One and this really fascinates me.

Again a lot of Congratulations to all ARR fans, and wish you all a very Happy Mahashivratri!


Quaintzy Patchez said...

True I don't consider it an "Indian" movie either.

And yea, Kudos to the 1st few lines.



Peyush said...

Thanks for the compliment :)